outdoor picnic with pet.

It’s no secret that Knoxville is known far and wide as the most pet-friendly city in the states. We really go the extra mile to cater to our municipality’s canines, as evidenced by city-sponsored events, dog-centric restaurant patios, and outdoor activities for four-legged enthusiasts. Of all the months to enjoy all that Knoxville has to offer, perhaps September is the best for pet-friendly events. Join us!

Let’s Get Crazy!

Every September the city of Knoxville hosts the incredibly fun “Doggie Dip” at the Inskip Swimming Pool. This is the final event this public pool has each year. What better way to close them out than see and celebrate dozens of dogs swimming with each other? We can say from experience that this is one of the finest opportunities to meet new friends (dog and human alike), and we hope to see you and your pooch there this year. Check for date and time at the city website.

Who’s Hungry?

Do you know better than to ask your dog “who’s hungry”? You probably know from experience that, yes, of course they’re hungry, no matter the fact that they just ate. Help your ever-hungry pal out by accompanything them to any of Knoxville’s finest pet-friendly patios:

Here is a list of restaurants that have applied for permits that lawfully allow and welcome pets on their patios. Check out this pet-friendly Knoxville blog post about where to catch live broadcasts of sporting events. 

Pet Friendly Knoxville

If you’re looking for ways to kick it up a notch and make some more sweet memories with your pet, don’t forget to add these outdoor destinations to your list:

Enjoy Together Time

September offers sublime weather, fun events, and good times. As long as your pet is well-trained (or at least well-behaved), fully vaccinated, and up to date with their parasite prevention, they can come along for any adventure you have planned. Staying local is never more fun than in Knoxville, and we hope to see you and your pet enjoying the Scruffy City together.

If you have questions about certain activities, or your pet’s health and behavior, please call us at (865) 609‑0311. Your friends at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital are always happy to help!