Canine Reproduction Services

Canine Reproduction Services Are Available at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital Volunteer Veterinary Hospital offers a canine reproduction program, typically not seen at most veterinary hospitals. Run by Dr. Bethany Russell, we offer a number of services involving reproduction, pregnancy, and delivery.

What type of owner utilizes these services?

There are many types of dog owners who utilize the canine reproduction services at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee. While professional breeders and people who show dogs would obviously be the most common, hunters or any person who uses a specific breed for their inherent services would be a close second. There are also owners who wish to breed their dog, but the animal is either having trouble getting pregnant or impregnating another dog.

What types of services are offered at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital?

For starters, we have the ability to collect and evaluate canine semen. With the help of liquid nitrogen, any sample we collect can be frozen and stored indefinitely. Canine semen can be sent to another veterinarian or breeder anywhere in the world.

We do progesterone testing to help us predict when your pet is going to ovulate. This testing increases breeding success.

Whether it’s semen we collect here at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital or it is sent to us from another clinic, we can surgically implant it in your female dog. We commonly perform surgical implantation of semen, as well as trans-vaginal insemination.

In addition to the aforementioned services, we also assist in pregnancies and deliveries. Pregnancies are confirmed using our digital ultrasound. As the due date nears, digital radiography can be performed to help estimate the litter size. We also educate owners on how to ensure a healthy pregnancy for their pet. Deliveries, especially when C-sections are performed, are handled in house and consultations on post-birth subjects such as puppy rearing and lactation are also available.

What else does Volunteer Veterinary Hospital offer on the subject of canine reproduction?

For more information about our canine reproduction services, or to make an appointment for your pet, we invite you to contact us today. A friendly member of our staff will be glad to answer your questions.


"Volunteer Veterinary Hospital has been caring for our pets for many years and will continue to do so for many more due to the skill and dedication of the professionals who lead the organization."
— Joe & Helen Bruner

"All my pets have been patients at Volunteer Veterinary for at least the last 20 years. The entire staff has always gone above and beyond to make sure my dogs have been properly taken care of. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else."
— Phylis Flenniken

"I want to thank you and your entire staff for all that you do for my dogs. I’ll never forget when we lost our precious Sapphire years ago; and the way you allowed me to come daily and spend time with her. Your compassion and kindness was so comforting to us during our time of loss."
— Sherry Meacham & Roscoe

"Let me say that I feel honored to reference in behalf of my experience with Volunteer Vet Hospital. I admire Dr Bihl and his staff, they are very kind and considerate. I enjoyed my visits and knew they were compassionate and caring people."
— Susan Oglietti