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Servicing the pets and their owners in the Knoxville and Maryville, Tennessee area for over 20 years.

Comprehensive & Quality Veterinary Services in Knoxville TN

Volunteer Veterinary Hospital offers a variety of services, each tailored to your pet’s specific needs. We are dedicated to your pet’s health, placing much emphasis on educating owners about disease prevention and treatment options.

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  • Advanced Lab

    At Volunteer Veterinary Hospital, we have the ability to perform all routine lab work in house. We feature some of the latest technology for blood work, urinalysis, organ function testing, and disease testing. Much of our equipment is integrated with our computer software, allowing us to forward the information to veterinary specialists if the need arises. This integration also allows the owner to access their pet’s information through the pet portal, Petly, via their smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Boarding and Bathing

    From daycare to extended stays, we offer pet boarding for your dog, cat, or pocket pet. Our ample facility and outdoor runs ensure your pet will have plenty of space, and our dedicated kennel staff and in-house veterinarians are there to tailor your pet’s stay to his or her lifestyle.
  • Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

    Biopsies and surgical excisions are done in our surgical center and samples are sent to a board-certified pathologist for evaluation and diagnosis. We design your pet’s cancer treatment based on his or her specific needs. Consultations with a board-certified oncologist are made should the need arise.
  • Canine Reproduction

    Staff veterinarian Dr. Bethany Russell handles all canine reproduction at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital. A rarity for most animal hospitals, we have the ability to collect, evaluate, freeze, and store canine semen. We also offer progesterone testing, surgical implantation, and artificial insemination, as well as assistance with all aspects of canine pregnancy.
  • Dental Care

    From digital radiography to high-speed cleaning and polishing, our facility features the latest equipment in pet dental care. We perform digital dental X-rays, routine cleanings, extractions, and various types of oral surgery.
  • Dermatology

    Pet allergies are more common than most people think. At Volunteer Veterinary Hospital, we treat food and flea allergies, as well as atopy, dermatitis as the result of an inhaled allergen.
  • Digital X-ray and Ultrasound

    Seconds is all it takes for our true digital radiography system to produce your pet’s X-ray on a computer monitor. Digital images can be emailed to a veterinary radiologist for evaluation if the need arises. Our digital color Doppler ultrasound machine allows us to diagnose abdominal masses, as well as various issues with the bladder, heart, kidneys, liver, and spleen—all without surgery!
  • End of Life Care

    Our veterinarians spend time consulting with owners about the various diseases and symptoms of older or sick pets. We offer consultations regarding euthanasia, individual cremation, and mass burial.
  • Endoscopy

    Not seen in most veterinary hospitals, an endoscope is a flexible fiber-optic camera that allows us to explore the stomach, the upper portion of the small intestine, and the colon. The forceps inserted through the endoscope also enable us to perform certain extractions and biopsies
  • Eye Care

    As your pet begins to age, his or her eyesight is highly important to quality of life. That’s why we make sure an eye examination is part of every exam. We evaluate for glaucoma, ulcers, lenticular sclerosis, cataracts, and other eye conditions.
  • Grooming

    We have an excellent groomer on site Tuesday through Saturday of every week. She has an outstanding rapport with both our patients and their owners, and her pet grooming skills are second to none.
  • Internal Medicine and Monitoring

    Characterized as the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, internal medicine is a highly important aspect of your pet’s health. At Volunteer Veterinary Hospital, we take pride in the level of internal medicine we practice.
  • Pharmacy

    Our in-house pharmacy is stocked with most of the medicines a pet would ever need. This allows for them to be treated quickly, and it alleviates an additional errand for you.
  • Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery

    From routine neutering and spaying to more complicated procedures, our surgical center and skilled veterinarians can handle almost any pet surgery.
  • Laser Therapy

    An effective treatment for many forms of acute and chronic pain, as well as the pain associated with post-surgical recovery, our therapy laser is non-invasive, quick, and painless.

For more information about the services we offer, or to make an appointment for your pet, we invite you to contact us today.