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Servicing the pets and their owners in the Knoxville and Maryville, Tennessee area for over 20 years.

Pet Internal Medicine & Monitoring

Happy golden labrador
Internal medicine is the practice of preventing, diagnosing, and treating illnesses. At Volunteer Veterinary Hospital, we take great pride in our handling of all three aspects.

Disease Prevention

Our puppy and kitten care program, as well as our adult and senior pet wellness programs are geared toward preventing illness. Starting with your pet’s very first exam, the veterinarians and staff at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital dedicate themselves to educating owners and advising them on how to keep their pet as healthy and happy as possible. Each of our patients receives individual and personalized care, designed around age and lifestyle. We assist owners in any decision they make regarding their pet, and we do so with compassion and by providing possible options. By allowing us to treat your beloved pet, you can rest assured he or she is receiving the most capable and loving care that South Knoxville has to offer.


At Volunteer Veterinary Hospital, we strive to stay ahead of the veterinary medicine curve in every way possible. From our advanced lab to our digital X-ray, ultrasound, and endoscope, our hospital features some of the latest and most advanced veterinary diagnostic equipment in the field. Our canine reproduction and cancer diagnostics programs are services that many local animal hospitals either don’t, or can’t, offer. From dental care to eye care and everything in between, the future of your pet’s health and well-being will always be our main concern.

Treatment & Monitoring

As with the prevention and diagnostics practiced at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital, the treatment and monitoring we provide is both high quality and comprehensive. Our anesthesia monitors enable us to monitor you pet’s EKG, oxygen and CO2 levels, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and even blood pressure while they are sedated. Our pledge to every owner is if we can’t help your pet, we will find you the referral specialist who can.

Compassion for both the pet and the owner plays a big role at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital. We treat every pet like one of our own and every pet owner like a member of our family.