Playful golden puppy playing fetch in the park.

If you’re itching to get your dog outdoors, we highly recommend visiting one of Knoxville’s excellent dog parks. Knoxville is known for being one of the most dog-friendly cities in the United States—by design. Back in 2009, PetSafe partnered with the City of Knoxville to make the city the pet-friendliest in the nation. There are now 9 fabulous dog parks in the city. Most are equipped with doggie waste bags and water fountains. Which one will you visit first? 

1. Charter Doyle PetSafe Dog Park

This two-acre dog park in South Knoxville is nestled within Charter E. Doyle Park. Your pup can enjoy off-leash fun in a large or small enclosed area, depending on her size. The Charter Doyle PetSafe Dog Park is perfect for a hot summer day because it’s partially wooded, with plenty of interesting rocks to climb over and grasses to sniff. 

2. Sam Duff Memorial Park

Bring the whole family to the Sam Duff Memorial Park in South Knoxville, where your kids can play basketball, tennis, or pickleball while Fido roams the dog park. The Sam Duff Greenway makes for a fun nature walk, too! Just make sure you bring a leash. 

3. PetSafe Plumb Creek Dog Park

Head to West Knoxville for an afternoon at the PetSafe Plumb Creek Dog Park, which offers a 7-acre enclosed area for large dogs and a 1-acre enclosure for small dogs. That’s a lot of space to run and play! 

4. Dogwood Park at Victor Ashe Park

This one-acre dog park in North Knoxville will satisfy your puppy’s need to explore. The park offers a fun balance of trees and grass, along with a tunnel, a puppy jump, and hill structures for your adventurous dog. 

5. PetSafe Emma Jane Walker Memorial Dog Park 

This dog park is tucked inside Tommy Schumpert Park in North Knoxville. You can relax on a bench and watch your small dog play in the enclosed area for dogs under 30 pounds. Or, head into the enclosed area for all dogs, where you and your pup can enjoy a walking trail, a pond, and a dock. 

6. Downtown PetSafe Dog Park 

Are you headed into the heart of Knoxville? Bring your dog with you! At Downtown PetSafe Dog Park, you’re sure to meet new friends. The one-acre dog park offers separate enclosures for both large and small dogs. 

7. PetSafe Village Dog Park

This one-acre dog park in West Knoxville features a pond, agility equipment for your pup to explore, and picnic tables so you can sit and watch your dogs play. Unlike most of the other dog parks on our list, PetSafe Village is an on-leash dog park until 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays and 5 pm throughout the week. 

8. PetSafe Concord Dog Park 

Let your dog release his energy outdoors at the PetSafe Concord Dog Park in West Knoxville. With four acres of wooded trails, open fields, and a pond, there’s lots to explore. And it’s no surprise that this park is a favorite with dogs who love to swim

9. Holston River PetSafe Dog Park

Your dog will love to weave through the trees at the Holston River PetSafe Dog Park in East Knoxville. This shady, two-acre haven offers separate enclosed areas for large and small dogs. Hook your pet up to the leash after playtime to explore the adjacent Holston River Greenway. 

Get Ready to Play!

Make sure your dog is ready for their dog park adventures by bringing them in for a wellness visit. The team at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital can make sure they’re healthy and caught up on their shots—a requirement to enter Knoxville dog parks. Call us at (865) 609-031 to schedule an appointment.