A man and his dog on a restaurant patio.

We’re number one in southern hospitality–a fact not lost on the pets we know and love. In fact, we probably go a little over the top when our four-legged friends are concerned. Pet friendly Knoxville is the place to beat when it comes to activities to share together, and we’ve got the low-down on how and where to start and end any summer day in town.

The Buzz

We are lucky to have several pet friendly coffee shops in town that not only welcome outdoor  patio pups, but cater to their every whim, as well! Get your dog’s day started at any of these lovely Knoxville cafes:

Embarking on a Great Day

After you and your pet have breakfast, head out to any of these enriching, safe dog parks in Knoxville/Knox County:

  • Concord Dog Park
  • Emma Jane Walker Memorial Dog Park
  • Dogwood Dog Park
  • Holston River Dog Park
  • Village Dog Park
  • Pumb Creek Dog Park
  • Charter Doyle Dog Park
  • Victor Ashe Park
  • Tommy Schumpert Park

Remember to always bring your dog’s own water bowl, and follow safe practices for a fun, satisfying experience. Since summer temperatures can skyrocket between 10 a.m.-4 p.m., try to only exercise your dog in the early morning or evening hours to prevent dehydration and heat stroke

Meals and Libations

There are many pet-friendly Knoxville breweries, pubs, pizzarias, and restaurants to choose from. Check out the Visit Knoxville page for more information about locations, hours, and policies regarding your furry friend.

Looking for something a little less structured? Knoxville has a great variety of food trucks that can accommodate both your appetite and your pet’s hunger, too. Central Filling Station represents pet-friendly Knoxville at its finest. 

Natural Attractions in Pet-Friendly Knoxville 

Looking for a vibrant place to take in all that Knoxville has to offer? Look no further than Sequoyah Hills Park. Or, if you’re looking for incredible vistas to share with your pet, check out House Mountain, Knox County’s highest point. Lastly, Forks of the River Wildlife Area offers pet owners postcard worthy photo-opportunities for their pet’s portrait among fields of sunflowers.

Pet-friendly Knoxville is a charming place to make memories with your pet. If you have additional questions about taking your pet out in public, feel free to call us at (865) 609-0311. Our staff at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital is always happy to help!