First time pet owners with their dog.

Pets bring endless amounts of unconditional love and joy, which makes it hard to resist bringing one into your home. They can also bring some unpredictable situations, however, that require a certain amount of preparation. Your friends at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital are here to give you some tips on first time pet ownership so you can enjoy a long and happy life together:

Don’t Just Jump In 

Whether you are looking for the perfect family dog or an independent adult cat, it is important to spend some time doing some research before making it official. Learn about potential breeds you are considering–find out how much space they need and how often they need to eat. You want to be sure that whatever animal you choose to bring home will fit in well with your lifestyle. If you live in an apartment, for example, a Great Dane might not be the right option for you. Doing your research before choosing a pet will give you a better chance of finding one that complements your life instead of making it more difficult.

Consider Your Budget

All pets come with a certain cost, and it is essential to determine your budget before you bring one home. When you bring a dog or cat into your house, you are agreeing to care for them for the duration of their lives, so you want to be sure you can afford to. Consider the cost of food, wellness care, monthly preventives, accessories, and extras like training or grooming. Make sure you have a safety net for unexpected expenses like a medical emergency.

Think About Time Investment

Money is not the only investment you have to make when bringing home a new pet. They will also require time and attention. You have to devote time to training, regular exercise sessions, and walks (or litter box cleanings). It’s also important to spend some time with your new pet so you can both get used to each other. Think about how much time you have to invest in a new pet before deciding to get one to be sure you can give the pet a good life in your home.

Find a Veterinarian Right Away

A good veterinarian is the key to developing a healthy regimen for your new pet. Whether you are adopting a kitten or an adult dog, you should take the animal in for a wellness visit as soon as possible.

Ask for Nutrition Advice

Once you find a vet you love, ask for some advice on nutrition for your new pet. The kind of food you feed your animal can help complement your wellness efforts and keep your pet healthy throughout his or her life. 

Volunteer Veterinary Hospital is here to partner with you through your new journey into pet ownership. From wellness visits to dental care, we make it easy to get the veterinary attention you need in Knoxville. Call (865) 609-0311 to schedule an appointment.