cat spa day

The new year is the time for new beginnings, and while you’re making a list of New Year’s resolutions, make sure you include ways to enrich the lives of your pets as well. 

At Volunteer Veterinary Hospital, we want to help you make 2023 your pet’s healthiest and happiest year yet. Here are our team’s top wellness tips for the new year. 

Don’t Skip Wellness Visits

Life gets busy, and finances get tight, but routine wellness exams are the best way to keep costs to a minimum because we can catch disease processes early on when they’re easier to treat. Plus, keeping your pet up to date with vaccinations and parasite prevention offers the best protection against infectious diseases. 

Make 2023 Stress Free

Pets can experience the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety just like we can. Taking steps to mitigate your pet’s stress whenever possible will benefit his health and overall wellbeing. Some animals suffer from separation anxiety, while others become anxious during thunderstorms and fireworks. Please schedule a consultation with us if you feel that your pet has anxiety. 

Give Your Pet’s Meal Plan a Makeover

Your pet’s dietary requirements will vary over time depending upon his age, activity level, weight, and the presence of chronic health conditions. We can partner with you to create a meal plan that best supports your pet’s nutritional needs.  

Encourage Daily Activity and Join in the Fun!

Daily exercise is important for pets year-round, so get creative in the colder months with indoor games like hide-and-seek or playdates with other pets. Treat your pet to new toys that encourage movement, create an indoor obstacle course, or teach your pet a new trick

Try Something New

Battle boredom by trying a new activity with your pet! Check out these suggestions for pet-friendly fun in Knoxville. 

Is it Time for New Pet Supplies?

When was the last time you inspected your pet’s beds, leashes, and other supplies? If leashes and harnesses are showing wear and tear, it’s important to replace them to keep your pet safe when out for a walk. Pet beds can accumulate allergens and bacteria, so resolve to wash them on a regular basis, and replace them when they become too worn. 

Freshen Up Their Toy Collection

Toss out your pet’s tattered toys and treat them to new ones that promote mental stimulation or ones that encourage movement. Food puzzles are another way to keep your pet busy and engaged. Providing your pet with plenty of enrichment is critical to his overall health and wellbeing. 

Keep Your Pet Groomed

Whether you plan a spa day at home or visit a professional groomer, your pet will experience both emotional and physical benefits from being groomed. Matted fur, overgrown nails, and dirty eyes and ears are uncomfortable. Pamper your pet with regular grooming, and he will look and feel his best!

We look forward to helping you keep your pets healthy in 2023 and beyond! Please contact us to schedule your pet’s next visit.