cat getting checkup at vet in knoxville

Everyone knows cats can take care of themselves. Sure, they might benefit from owner intervention occasionally but, generally speaking, they don’t need any support, right?

No way!

Unfortunately, cats are wrongly perceived as highly self-reliant, but they absolutely require and deserve special care and attention every single day. While there’s a lot cat owners can do on a daily basis at home, feline health depends on disease prevention, early detection, and effective treatment.

Together, a proactive approach to cat wellness can transform how these incredible pets are cared for.

Let’s Get Real

Cat owners may be drawn to cats for lots of different reasons, but it helps that they’re seen as low-maintenance, independent pets. While they enjoy and benefit from daily exercise, they may not beg for walks or demand attention like dogs do. However, to truly elevate cat wellness there’s more to it than the basics.

Indoor Doesn’t Mean Invincible

There’s a lot to be said (and gained!) from restricting a cat’s access to the neighborhood. In fact, indoor only cats tend to live longer, healthier lives than those allowed to wander. Accidental injury, exposure to illness, and possibly even death are the biggest reasons to commit to an indoor-only lifestyle.

However, just because a cat lives strictly inside doesn’t mean they are invincible. Parasites can find their way indoors on human clothing (or other animals in the house), or through holes in screens or open windows. And, it’s not impossible for a rabies carrier to wind up in an attic or crawlspace.

To that end, it’s vital that all cats are fully vaccinated and current with parasite prevention.

What Inhibits Cat Wellness?

We fully understand what it takes sometimes to get a cat into their carrier – and that’s just the beginning. Even a short car ride with a terrified/furious cat can last forever, and then you might get to the hospital where there’s a dog in the waiting room!

At Volunteer Veterinary Hospital, we take your cat’s safety and comfort seriously and ensure they’re at ease during their visit. We do not want a negative experience to impact a cat’s lifelong pursuit of health. Instead, we prioritize their needs and cater to them so they may continue to reap the benefits of routine exams.

Why Cat Wellness Matters So Much

Kittens need to be seen a few times a year for their shots, spay/neuter surgery, parasite prevention, and any behavioral needs. Adult cats should be seen at least once a year and seniors twice. Without this steady, regular approach to cat wellness, diseases can sneak up under the radar.

Early detection of health conditions can lead to effective treatment or slowed progression. Issues that stem from excess weight, such as diabetes, arthritis, and more, can be addressed so that every cat has a chance to live the longest, healthiest life possible.

A Glance at Environment

Since a gigantic part of an indoor-only cat’s life is their environment, it’s important to assess whether or not their needs/interests are being met. Cats benefit from various opportunities to employ their predatory instincts, such as stalking, ambushing, pouncing, and hunting. Catios, cat trees, bridges, climbing walls, and more provide excellent alternatives.

Here for Your Cat

If we can assist you further with questions about cat wellness, please feel free to contact us at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital.