March Is Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month: Are Your Pets Safe? 

cat next to flower pot

The world is chock full of things our pets can get into. From human food to houseplants, the list of fascinating things your pet will want to chomp on is endless.

Most things may not be that harmful, but certain substances and items around the home can cause a pet emergency. Since we cannot rid the world of these things that are potentially poisonous, we can create greater awareness.

To observe national Poison Prevention Awareness Month, your team at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital is here with some tips on how to better protect your cherished friend.


Sonnets, Roses, and…Poison? Preventing A Pet Poisoning On Valentine’s Day

AllPets_iStock_000032185210_MediumFor a holiday that’s all about love, Valentine’s Day can also be about inadvertently exposing your pet to dangerous chemical compounds. Not at all romantic or dreamy, a pet poisoning can have dire consequences. But if you remain vigilant and invite your pet to play or snuggle (instead of check out your candy stash), the love fest can stay on schedule. Continue…