Winter Hazards in the Home

cat looking out the window.

The great outdoors can be invigorating, but also creates a lot of potential hazards for pets. 

Winter pet safety at home is a critical topic. Without a careful approach to items stored or displayed inside the home, pets can be at risk in a place they should feel absolutely safe from harm. With a little bit of attention, you can keep your pets safe all season long.


Winter is Coming (Winter Tips for Senior Pets)

Wasn’t it just summer last week? While we may still be in a bit of denial over the approach of cold weather, it doesn’t change the fact that it is looming. Our pets, especially those who are a bit older, may be facing their own set of challenges as the temperature changes. Volunteer Veterinary Hospital is here to share all of our best winter tips for senior pets as you prepare to weather the winter months.

Why Senior Pets are Special

Care for the senior pet is usually a bit more involved than for their younger counterparts. While the cold temperatures are a challenge for all, young and old, aging pets often have additional health concerns that can add to the difficulty. Take into account: Continue…