My Dog Ate My Homework! Foreign Bodies in Pets

veterinarianIn the digital day and age, the timeless excuse that the dog ate your homework may not be as relevant as it once was. That doesn’t stop us, however, from seeing a wide variety of items that pets have ingested.

Foreign bodies in pets can be serious business, but if Fido or Felix eats something he shouldn’t have, a trusted veterinarian near you is ready to help.

You Are What You Eat

All too often our pets ingest things they shouldn’t. This may be due to curiosity, boredom, or even carelessness. While some items are actually toxic or can cause a secondary illness like pancreatitis, others pose a physical risk. Even inert objects can become stuck or lodged in the digestive tract, wreaking havoc on your pet’s insides. Continue…

Pet Care: Flat-Nosed Dogs and Summer Heat

pet wellness careWhile we love their adorable, squishy faces, brachycephalic breeds (or brachys) have physical limitations that come with their unique features.

Flat-nosed dogs include breeds such as pugs, bulldogs, boxers, and King Cavalier Spaniels. Although cute, these animals are more susceptible to heat-related conditions due to structural challenges that affect breathing and panting. As a result, owners of flat-nosed dogs should take extra care when heading outdoors in hot, humid weather.

Flat Nose, Short Muzzle: The Health Risks

Hundreds of years ago, humans began selectively breeding dogs (and cats) to produce specific, beneficial traits. Consequently, some genetic mutations occurred more rapidly than they would have naturally, leading to the emergence of certain physical conditions. In brachycephalic pets, this process has impacted their ability to breathe. Continue…

Pet Wellness: What You Need to Know About Pets and Water Safety

pet wellnessEvery species has an appreciation for water, mostly because we all depend on this powerful element for survival. Water recreation is also the go-to option for family fun this summer; it’s even more enjoyable with your splash-loving dog. To help ensure a rip-roaring good time, we’ve compiled the latest pet wellness tips and water safety.

Are You Prepared?

Early exposure to water play is recommended. Try gradually increasing swim time and depth once your pet displays confidence and ability.

A fitted personal flotation device is quite possibly the single most important item your pet needs this summer. Without a high-quality life jacket, your pet could be at risk of drowning – even if you consider him or her to be a strong swimmer. Continue…

Traveling with a Pet: Coping with Car Anxiety

pet wellnessBringing a beloved pet along on a fun summer outing, vacation, or keeping an important veterinary appointment can present many challenges. For some, car rides are the BEST EVER(!). Trips like these can cause anxiety and stress, especially in cats.

Since car travel is a part of most pets’ lives, addressing issues of intense fear, phobia, or anxiety can help lessen the stress both for pet and pet owner while traveling with a pet.


Wild Wind and Rain: Keeping Your Pet Safe In Severe Weather

veterinarianYou may have already begun the household preparations for our tumultuous spring and summer storms, such as securing shingles on the roof, cutting back rotten tree limbs, and ensuring your shutters are ready to protect your windows. But there’s one more thing you have to do to get ready for hail storms, thunder, and tornadoes – and your pet will be grateful you did.

Wondering how you can keep your pet safe in severe weather? Volunteer Veterinary Hospital has your furry friend covered.

First Things First

It’s not uncommon for animals sensing danger to flee, and it’s best to bring your pet in as soon as you know a storm is on the way. Tornadoes, high winds, hail, and thunder often send a ripcurl of anxiety through many pets, causing them to bolt. Continue…

The Dangers of Buying Pet Drugs Online

pet pharmacyMost of us enjoy a bargain, which is why we often shop online where discounts can be found on almost everything. In most cases, variations in condition or quality don’t have much impact, but this isn’t the case when it comes to pharmaceuticals. In fact, the FDA issued a consumer update on the risks associated with unregulated online pet pharmacies. Continue…

Back To School: Helping Your Pet Cope

Doggone smartThe start of the new school year can be a time of great excitement for students and parents alike. But in the hustle and bustle of school supplies, backpacks, and first-day pictures, it’s easy to overlook our four-legged friends.

Chances are, your pet has been enjoying the extra time with the kids during the summer break and he or she may wind up feeling lonely or anxious once your children are back at school. Help your pet beat those “back to school blues” with our tips on helping your furry companion cope this fall. Continue…

Playing It Cool: Summer Fun and Safety

volve-iStock_000065004499_LargeIt’s Getting Hot Out There

When both the temperature and the humidity start to climb, the effects of the heat can be disastrous for pets and people alike. Hundreds of animals perish every year in the summertime, simply because their humans don’t understand how to keep their pets safe during hot weather. Learn the signs of heatstroke (hyperthermia) and what to do if you suspect your pet is suffering from heat exhaustion before you and your pet partake in any summertime activities!

It’s important to remember that if your pet is overcome with heatstroke, you need to call your veterinarian immediately  Even if you mitigate your pet’s symptoms and they appear to be doing better, heatstroke can claim a victim hours after their symptoms subside. Continue…

Toasty Temperatures: Pet Summer Safety Tips

Dog on block of iceWe are proud of Knoxville’s status as America’s most pet-friendly community and, to properly enjoy our animal friends, we feel it’s absolutely critical to protect them every day of the year. Weather-related risks occur throughout the year, but summer’s heat is a top offender.

As we head into the long days of summer, we’ve listed the following summer safety tips to keep your pet as cool and comfy as the day is long!

Ideas for Pet Summer Safety

Forecasters are predicting that this summer will be hotter than previous years, so your pet will require consistent monitoring for his or her wellbeing. You probably do that already, but to make sure your pet doesn’t suffer from heat-related injuries, we offer the following ideas for pet summer safety: Continue…