Traveling with a Pet: Coping with Car Anxiety

pet wellnessBringing a beloved pet along on a fun summer outing, vacation, or keeping an important veterinary appointment can present many challenges. For some, car rides are the BEST EVER(!). Trips like these can cause anxiety and stress, especially in cats.

Since car travel is a part of most pets’ lives, addressing issues of intense fear, phobia, or anxiety can help lessen the stress both for pet and pet owner while traveling with a pet.


Wild Wind and Rain: Keeping Your Pet Safe In Severe Weather

veterinarianYou may have already begun the household preparations for our tumultuous spring and summer storms, such as securing shingles on the roof, cutting back rotten tree limbs, and ensuring your shutters are ready to protect your windows. But there’s one more thing you have to do to get ready for hail storms, thunder, and tornadoes – and your pet will be grateful you did.

Wondering how you can keep your pet safe in severe weather? Volunteer Veterinary Hospital has your furry friend covered.

First Things First

It’s not uncommon for animals sensing danger to flee, and it’s best to bring your pet in as soon as you know a storm is on the way. Tornadoes, high winds, hail, and thunder often send a ripcurl of anxiety through many pets, causing them to bolt. Continue…

Pet Wellness: Why Heartworm Prevention Matters

heartworm pet wellness careHeartworm disease is something most pet owners know about, but may only have a vague understanding of, overall. Public education on heartworm disease is lacking, and many pet owners are unaware that it is one of the deadliest diseases threatening our dogs and cats.

What Is Heartworm Disease?

Heartworm disease is caused by a parasitic worm, Dirofilaria immitis, which is transmitted via mosquito. Mosquitoes pick up heartworm from feeding on an infected animal. Dogs, cats, coyotes, wolves, raccoons, opossums, and other mammals can be infected with heartworm. Continue…

Outdoor Pet Safety In The Wilds of Tennessee

Man with dog sitting near waterfallWhile rambling along a trail towards Clingmans Dome or hiking near Paint Rock, it’s easy to immerse yourself in the scenic wonder of our state. But knowing what is in store for you and your dog while on an outing is paramount for a great time as well as a safe return for both of you.

Before exploring, do a bit of research about the different types of wildlife, terrain, and weather hazards in your area. Although it may seem a bit preconceived and to spoil the surprise of discovery, it can actually reinforce the strength and impact of the experience.

Before venturing out on your next adventure, take a moment to ingrain some of these very important outdoor pet safety tips and tricks, and keep your pup safe while you’re both immersed in the great Tennessee wilderness and Smoky Mountains National Park. Continue…

Sonnets, Roses, and…Poison? Preventing A Pet Poisoning On Valentine’s Day

AllPets_iStock_000032185210_MediumFor a holiday that’s all about love, Valentine’s Day can also be about inadvertently exposing your pet to dangerous chemical compounds. Not at all romantic or dreamy, a pet poisoning can have dire consequences. But if you remain vigilant and invite your pet to play or snuggle (instead of check out your candy stash), the love fest can stay on schedule. Continue…

Start the New Year Off on the Right Paw

iStock_000015159652_LargeThis is the time of year when we reflect on changes we would like to make to improve our health and general wellbeing. As a pet owner, don’t forget to include your furry companion in your New Year’s resolutions.

Many pets struggle with similar issues of weight gain and age-related conditions, which is why including your pet is a great way to bolster energy, manage weight, and increase overall quality of life. Continue…

The Dangers of Buying Pet Drugs Online

pet pharmacyMost of us enjoy a bargain, which is why we often shop online where discounts can be found on almost everything. In most cases, variations in condition or quality don’t have much impact, but this isn’t the case when it comes to pharmaceuticals. In fact, the FDA issued a consumer update on the risks associated with unregulated online pet pharmacies. Continue…

Inevitable Change: Senior Pet Care Basics

VolVet_iStock_000050862996_Large (2)Life is composed of a series of changes, and we either accept and adapt or fight against time. One day, your pet is flying through the air in pursuit of a favored Frisbee; the next, he or she inexplicably refuses to get off the couch for a meal. Embracing this type of change can be very difficult, but through an understanding of basic senior pet care, you can fortify your aging pet’s overall wellness to ensure maximum safety and comfort.


Pocket Pet Care 101: Household Dangers, Health Risks, and Sanitation | Volunteer Veterinary Hospital

WestPark_iStock_000009062618_LargeHave you ever seen a guinea pig demonstrate his or her popcorn moves, or a ferret show off their instinctual war dance? These animals – among others in the aptly named group known as “pocket pets” – may be small, but their charming personalities are anything but.

While pocket pets are certainly entertaining, each animal deserves to have their individual health needs recognized and met. Responsible pocket pet care should be fun for both you and your pet, and when it comes down to providing a safe, healthy, and comfortable life for whichever pint-sized pet you choose, we’ve got you covered.